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China LuGong 22 A long time Manufacturing unit Straight Supply 904 ninety HP Farm Agricultural Tractor for Sale with Taxi
one].Shade – Any colour you like, we can paint it for you.
2]. Warranty time – We offer you 12 months guarantee time.
three]. Spare Components – For easy-harm parts, we will send you together with the tractor.
     In the warranty period, if spare parts don’t work since of the quality, we will free send you new areas. 
four]. Delivery time: twenty times right after receive your deposit.
5]. We can make the tractor with your emblem in the get. (Free)
six]. Payment term: T/T30% in advance,70% T/T just before shippment.or L/C at sight.

1.LT series of multifunctional tractors, its energy protect 50-100 horsepower. Optional Rotary Tiller, Garden Mower, Baler, Sprayer, etc farm implements.
 2. It adopts 8+2 shift,sensible speed matching, large functioning efficiency.
 3. Dry brake is the regular configuration, and oil bath type soaked brake is optional which has great breaking pressure and extended service lifestyle.
 4. Equipped with well-known and large-quality engines, large torque reserve and powerful power.Energy emission update, far more advanced functionality, low gasoline use and large dependability.
 5. Farmland tires, grassland tires and engineering tires are optional to satisfy a variety of functions.
 6.4 driving common configuration mid steering cylinder entrance travel axle has the maximum gap from the floor of 335mm.
 7.Suspension seat is the standard configuration which can successfully lessen forty% of vibration.
 8. The famous manufacturer front push axle is highly reputable.The transmission method adopts strong gears, which is more tough.Strengthened fifty percent shaft, casing, trailer and other configurations
 9. Adopting a new type of high stress lifter makes the work more convenient and flexible.Outfitted with external double oil cylinders , the doing work impact is greater.
ten.The energy output pace can be chosen from different speeds these kinds of as 540/720 rpm, and can be matched with a range of agricultural machinery and instruments, and the scope of application is broader.

Tractor is a variety of building and agriculture machinery broadly utilised in farms,highways, railways, design, mine and other building assignments. It can also have out bulldozing, lifting and loading and unloading of other components such as wood by shifting distinct auxiliary working devices.
What We Supply:
1. Products of Mini Excavators from .8 ton to 2. ton,mini wheel loader , backhoe excavators/loader, and so on.
2. Services of pre-sale, center-sale and right after-sale all-around support.
3. Traning of device procedure, everyday routine maintenance.
4. Technological assistance for any difficulty taking pictures with our machines.

  ZheJiang Lugong Equipment Co., Ltd. was recognized in March 2000. It is positioned at the junction of HangZhou, HangZhou and HangZhou – HangZhou Industrial and Trade Park in HangZhou. It is a national spine organization of development machinery and has fastened property of five hundred million yuan. It addresses an spot of 200,000 square meters and has 1,one hundred employees, like 88 engineers and experts.
The business largely makes loaders, excavators, dump vehicles, tricycles, and many others. The goods are primarily offered to much more than 20 domestic provinces and towns, and exported to dozens of international locations and areas this kind of as Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, and Russia. The good quality and functionality of our little farm loaders and building dump vans are nationally leading in the business and well acquired by end users. Now, “Lugong” manufacturer loaders and dump vans have been identified and employed by dealers all in excess of the nation.
As always, we concentrate on quality, efficiency and person issues. In conditions of management, we have adopted the ISO9001:2015 global quality management technique, which has achieved a new stage.

Q: Why need to I choose LuGong as an alternative of other makes?
A: With 22 years exporting expertise, LuGong has been a well known manufacturer in the market place, now you can see LuGong  machines doing work in far more than 40 countries. What we can provide:
Certified machines with CE certification.
Easier entry and zero-income spare elements assist.
Well timed services (any of your queries will be answered inside of 12 hrs).
Tailored gear with all types of attachments.
Q: What is your shipping time?
A: We have 4 workshops, 6 production traces, and we can create a loader in 8 minutes. Generally, as long as you speak to the vessel, we can ship within 15 times.
Q: What shade can I pick?
A: There are Yellow, Pink, Blue, Black, White, Orange,and Eco-friendly to select. Of training course you can also personalize other hues you like.
Q: What type of provider can I get from you? How can I get spare elements?
A: We have 1 12 months warranty for every machine, within 1 calendar year, if any elements damaged simply because of quality troubles, We  professional after sales staff to assistance you at any time.

After-sales Service: 1 Year
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Wheel Tractor
Usage: Farm Tractor, Garden Tractor, Lawn Tractor
Certification: ISO, CE, EPA, CCC, ISO/TS16949
Drive Wheel: 4WD


After-sales Service: 1 Year
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Wheel Tractor
Usage: Farm Tractor, Garden Tractor, Lawn Tractor
Certification: ISO, CE, EPA, CCC, ISO/TS16949
Drive Wheel: 4WD



Power Take-Off (PTO) Shafts

Power take-off (PTO) shafts are used on many types of machines, including jet aircraft. They are typically semi-permanently mounted to a marine or industrial engine, and are powered by a drive shaft. The drive shaft also powers secondary implements and accessories. Depending on the application, accessory drives may also be used in aircraft. There are four main types of PTO units used in jet aircraft.

Power take-off (PTO) shaft

Shaft CollarThe power take-off (PTO) shaft of a tractor can be controlled to operate in one of two modes: automatic and manual. Automatic mode operates when the PTO shaft starts turning and is automatically engaged when the power lift is raised by actuating the lift lever 9. Manual mode operates when the lift lever is not raised.
The manual mode allows for manual adjustments. A retaining band 12 may be adjusted arcuately about PTO shaft S with an axial center parallel to the axis of the PTO shaft S. The retaining band may be secured by conventional over center clamps. The retaining band 12 may also be adjusted arcuately about pin or bolt 30.
Power take-off (PTO) shaft safety retainers are used to prevent unintended disconnection of the PTO shaft. The safety retainers comprise a stationary openable band that circumscribes the PTO shaft near the connection with driven machinery. The band is preferably offset from the axis of the PTO shaft.
While the PTO shaft is a convenient way to transfer mechanical power to farm implements, there are several inherent hazards associated with using it improperly. Accidental disconnections of the PTO shaft pose a significant risk for the operator. A disconnect can cause the PTO shaft to whip around the driven machinery, potentially causing injury.
Power take-off shaft entanglements can be devastating to the limbs trapped in them, requiring amputation in some cases. In addition to being dangerous, the PTO shafts must be fully guarded to prevent contact with the ground. A farmer must never get too close to an operating PTO shaft to protect their own safety.


There are several different types of PTO shafts available to suit various applications. They can vary in size and number of splines. Each standard has a specific speed range and is designed to fit a variety of implements. For example, there are German and Italian types of PTO shafts.
The type of PTO shaft you choose will determine the maximum load that can be safely transferred. Depending on the type, the rate at which the PTO clutch engages will be different. For example, a lower-density PTO shaft will engage at a slower rate than a higher-density PTO shaft, while a higher-density shaft will be more tolerant of higher loads.
The primary function of a PTO shaft is to secure equipment to the tractor or other agricultural equipment. These parts often feature safety shields on both ends. They are also made in the same shape as the secondary shaft. The front shaft is wider than the secondary shaft, which allows the secondary shaft to fit inside. However, during movement, pieces of the PTO shaft can collapse, making them less safe.
PTO shafts are expensive and easy to steal, so make sure to protect your investment. Make sure the PTO shaft has guards to protect it from thieves. There are two types of PTO shafts: the external and the internal PTO yokes. Internal PTO shafts have an internal PTO yoke, while external PTO shafts use a universal joint. There is also a safety chain and shield on the external PTO shaft.
Depending on the application, you can choose between several different kinds of PTO shafts. Some types of PTO shafts have multiple splines, which can increase the torque transmitted. For applications requiring accuracy and precision, you may want to use a parallel keyed shaft.


Shaft CollarA PTO shaft has two parts: an input and an output. The input portion of a PTO adapter shaft has a smaller diameter, and the output portion has a larger diameter. Both are connected by splines. These splines have tapered outer ends. The first bore 25 has a first frustoconical wall, while the second bore has a second frustoconical wall.
One of the most common causes of PTO shaft failure is a poorly adjusted clutch. Another common cause is improper lubrication of the PTO shaft’s wide angle joints. PTO shafts should be lubricated at least once every eight hours. If you fail to do this, you risk premature ware and reduced life expectancy.
When a PTO shaft is installed in a tractor, the tractor must be connected to the implement using a coupler frame. The coupler frame has a PTO adapter mounting flange that engages with the PTO stub shaft. The coupler frame can move to accommodate the PTO adapter shaft, and the PTO adapter shaft can pivot and slide with the coupler frame.
When a PTO shaft fails, it can result in damage to the tractor and implement. Identifying the cause will help you fix the problem. Constant compression of the PTO shaft can damage the connecting shafts and connections. This could damage the tractor or implement, resulting in expensive repairs. When this happens, it is important to cut or shorten the shaft to reduce the risk of damage.
PTO shaft 24 extends rearward from tractor 10 and is connected to the front universal joint 28 and first end of variable-length splined drive shaft 32. The shaft is connected to a drive mechanism 36 on a mobile work implement 34. This drive mechanism may be mechanical, hydraulic, or a combination of both.


It is very important for every person using a tractor to understand the safety of PTO shafts. PTOs can be extremely dangerous, and without the correct shielding, they can cause serious injury. It can also be very dangerous if someone accidentally steps on or falls on one while the machine is operating. This is why it is important for everyone using a tractor to read the manufacturer’s manual and follow the safety guidelines for PTO shafts. Moreover, PTOs must only be used for the purpose intended.
PTO safety should be the number one priority for every operator. A small child was tragically killed when he became entangled with a spinning PTO shaft. His father tried to pull him out of the shaft, but was unable to do so. His clothing, which was near the spinning shaft, caught on the PTO and dragged him into it. His body was thrown around the shaft several times, and he sustained injuries to his leg, right arm, and head.
The PTO shaft is an important part of a tractor, and is used to secure the equipment. It is usually secured by safety shields on both ends. There are several kinds of safety shields. One type is a shield that is attached to the front of the PTO shaft. Another type is a shield that rotates freely on its bearings.
Power takeoffs are common on most small and compact tractors, construction machinery, and other equipment. They rotate to provide the drive for the equipment. However, the PTO shaft is very dangerous because it can easily catch something that gets too close to it. Moreover, loose items can also get tangled around the PTO shaft.


Shaft CollarOne of the most important things to do in order to keep your PTO shaft in top condition is to keep it properly greased. This can be done by using a grease gun or a hand pump. It is important to keep the grease fresh and apply it in the appropriate amounts depending on how much you use the PTO. It is also important to separate the primary and secondary shafts and remove any debris from them.
It is also important to check the spline threads on your PTO on a periodic basis. This is important because some signs of dry shafts are not always immediately apparent. Similarly, spline threading and corrosion can occur behind the scenes and go undetected. Proper PTO maintenance is a vital part of safe and efficient operation.
A damaged or worn drive shaft will prevent your car from turning freely, leaving you exposed to higher repair bills. In addition, it will drastically affect the performance of your car. A broken drive shaft can even result in a crash. You should take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as you notice any of these problems.
Fortunately, most PTO-driven equipment is equipped with a shear pin to prevent collisions and prevent damage to the gearbox and shaft. It should also be replaced regularly to prevent excessive wear. Long bolts pose a risk of entanglement and can easily catch clothing or gloves. For safety reasons, it is important to disengage the PTO when not in use.
Another thing to do is to keep the PTO shields clean. They must be regularly rotated and tested. Always ensure that your drawbar is properly configured for your machine. This prevents stressing or separating the driveline.
China Lugong Wheel Diesel Towing Mini Lawn New Buy Tractor for Hot Sale     pto shaft boltChina Lugong Wheel Diesel Towing Mini Lawn New Buy Tractor for Hot Sale     pto shaft bolt
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